EASY Fly Tying Kit - Starter Pack

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A great place to start your fly tying future. This beginners fly tying kit contains a selection of tools and materials you need to start tying flies. Lots of materials, hooks and tools. It comes beautifully presented and with a comprehensive "how to" fly tying CD included.

You will have materials and instructions to tie these flies.

- Hare & Copper
- Pheasant Tail
- Royal Wulff
- Willow Grub
- Black Gnat
- Green Beetle

- Fly Tying Instructions on CD
- Vise
- Hair Stacker
- Bobbin Threader
- Whip Finisher
- Bodkin
- Assorted Tiemco Hooks
- Tinsel
- Floss
- Tying Thread
- Assorted Chenille
- Peacock Herl
- Dry Fly Hackle
- Pheasant Tail
- Scissors
- Mallard Wing Feather
- Hackle Pliers
- Bobbin Holder
- Nymph Dubbing
- Lead Wire
- Fly Tying Cement
- Copper Wire
- Ostrich Herl
- Green Raffia
- Deer Hair
A great little kit to start!

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