Lox Ambassador 610LS 6'10" 2 Piece Spin Rod Light Tackle

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LOX Ambassador rods have outstanding technology, pushing the envelope of performance far further than we thought possible. Unparalleled feel and sensitivity off the scale makes this rod the very best spin rod we have seen. Mega tough construction makes them the first choice for the dedicated angler.

This model is a delight to use specially in smaller waterways and for bigger fish. Will cast small lures and even flies, with accuracy and power opening up places and methods you might not always fish.

Lox Ambassador Hybrid 610LS
Line weight 2-8lb
Lure Weight 1.5-5gms
2 Piece
Superb Fittings
Unbelievably Light Weight
Comes with Tube

Superb spinning or soft bait rod for light weight lures, baits and even flies. Tremendous feel and stopping power on big fish. Very highly recommended.

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